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Grawood's Preschool Ministry

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WeeKidz is a fun and friendly enivornment

reserved for kids between the ages of 8 weeks and 5 years old. (Nursery - Pre-K)

We desire to create an exciting, caring, and safe experience for our families grounded in faith, hope and love.


At WeeKidz, we have three truths that we want every kid to know.  

We believe in these three truths so much that they are the filter by which we teach and care for our kids.


WeeKidz provides hands-on activities, engaging worship, exciting story times, interactive playtime, and much more. We want your kid to be excited about coming to WeeKidz! 

We hold as a priority to create a safe and secure environment to assure and comfort parents as they engage in adult ministries around the church.








Come Join Us for Worship.

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