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Nine Words to Change Your Life

August 19, 2017

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Job 13:15a (NKJ)


Nine words can change your life.

Never have nine simple words been put together so powerfully.  Job used them to make a point.  I want to use them to pose a question.

How much do you trust God?

When everything is going great and as planned, it is easy to trust in God.  When everything material is taken away, what then? Although it may not be easy, trusting in God to take care of your needs doesn’t seem too farfetched for even the weakest of Christ followers.  After all, “God giveth and taketh away.” 

What happens when you get sick?  I’m not talking about “my lips are chapped, my nose is running, and I feel like poopie” sick.  What happens when you get reeeal sick? 

Do you really trust God?  ...... Or, do you trust that God is going to heal you? 
What happens to your trust when a mother or father gets sick?  Or, a son or daughter?  Maybe a friend?

Do you trust that God is going to take care of everything?

Do you trust God?

Or do you trust that He is going to take care of everything based on what you understand is the best way to take care of it?

What happens if your 16 year-old daughter dies in a car wreck?  What happens when your two month old baby dies of SIDS?  What happens when your mother battles months and years with cancer, but finally loses the battle?  What happens when the father of 4 dies in Iraq serving his country?  What happens when your son is born with a debilitating disease or downs syndrome? 

What happens to your trust in God when God doesn’t handle the situation the way you think, hope, wish, asked, demanded that it should? 
How much do you really trust God?

Enough to not understand God, but trust anyway?

We don’t have to “get” God?  We will never “get” God? If we understood God, we would be God.

Do you trust God even though you can’t understand why or what is happened or happening?

Solomon had some insight on this topic . . .

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding.  Proverbs 3:5 (NKJ)

Solomon is saying don’t try to understand.  You can’t.  You won’t.  Just know that God is in control. 

Trust Him.

There is no situation of earth that can compare to the situation that Job endured.  Job was rich.  Job had a great family and big houses.   He had huge amounts of farm land and servants to work them.  He had thousands of head of cattle.  He had countless livestock and crops.  Job quite literally had everything.  Job could be compared with a modern day Bill Gates.  The dude was loaded!  Most importantly, Job, although not perfect, was a righteous man.  He tried to do the right thing.  His kids loved him.  His servants loved him.  His friends loved him.  Everybody loved him.  He was an outstanding man of God.  He loved and served others.  He helped the poor and sick.  The guy was as close to perfect as a human can be. 

One day all that started to change.  

His family dies suddenly and tragically. 

His livestock died.   His crops were burned.

His servants died. 

His money was gone.

He lost his home.

He lost his land.

To make matters worse he got a debilitating disease that left him scarred and ugly. 

His wife left him.

His friends mocked him.

The people that he once helped now spit in his face as they walked by him on the street.

He was living on the streets an outcast from society. 



He was a righteous man.

It is easy to point fingers and attribute blame based on wrong doing?  But, Job was blameless. 

The only thing Job had was his life. 

He had no children, no wife, no home.  He had no legacy. 

Death would be the last insult. 

Job stood strong and said those nine life changing words, Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. 

Job was saying, that even if God came down to earth with a knife and killed me in cold blood with no reason or cause that I could understand, I would trust him anyway.

That’s a Trust I want.

Job’s mind wasn’t on the perishable.  Job saw the value in the eternal. 

Isaiah puts it best,

"Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal." -Isaiah 26:4

The Rock eternal.

Job didn’t just see the Rock that holds us here on earth.  He saw the Rock eternal. 

We aren’t asked to understand, only Trust.


Will you let Job's words change your life?

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. – Job

Nine words can change your life.


by Jerrad Edmonds, Family Pastor

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